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Why John D. Adams?

Our experienced team provides high quality, personalized tax and financial services you can trust.

Since our doors opened in 1975, our success has been, and continues to be built, upon our standards of integrity, excellence and performance... AND the individual attention we give to each client.

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Our Services

Why John D. Adams?

At John D. Adams & Company, CPAs, PLLC, we offer a variety of services required by business owners and other individuals with complex tax needs. We tailor services to meet our clients’ specific needs and help them move towards their financial goals by maximizing profitability and minimizing liability. Listed below are some of the services offered by our firm. If you do not see the specific service that you need, please call our office to request a consultation with one of our CPAs. We would love to accommodate you.

Tax Preparation

With John D. Adams & Company, your taxes will be prepared thoughtfully and filed in a timely manner.

We provide full-service tax preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships, non-profits, trusts and estates. No matter how complex your tax needs may be, our firm enjoys making the tax process simple for our clients.

Tax preparation includes planning, return preparation and compliance with applicable Internal Revenue Code. Tax laws are constantly changing, but we continuously monitor and study all changes to see how they may benefit our clients. We will work hard to get you what you are entitled by properly preparing your taxes. Our firm can prepare Payroll Tax Returns, Sales Tax Returns and Property Tax Returns.

We let our accounting speak for itself, but our clients have been coming back year after year for the John D. Adams & Company personal touch.

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Family Office Accounting

John D. Adams & Company is a modern Family Office, in which our CPAs offer advice to high-net-worth entrepreneurs and multi-generational families. As your advisors, we can oversee your finances and administer sound advice for your assets, estates and trusts to ensure that you properly plan and limit the impact of taxes.

Family Office services include financial statements, financial education and financial planning for charitable giving, succession and retirement among other things. Also, we are more than willing to coordinate with any additional advisors our clients have.

We help clients save time, gain a comprehensive plan for the future and navigate the everyday complexities that high-net-worth individuals and multi-generational families often face.

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Do you need monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping services? We can save you valuable time by managing the records of your financial transactions.

Accurate and timely record-keeping is vital to businesses of all sizes, so leave it to your certified professional accountants at John D. Adams & Company.

John D. Adams is a Quickbooks ProAdvisor

John D. Adams & Company is also a local QuickBooks ProAdvisor and can help you setup and properly leverage QuickBooks for your business.

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Incorporating and LLC Formation

If you are looking for information on incorporating or forming a limited liability company, please contact us. We can help you address the financial issues that are important to consider.

As a CPA firm, John D. Adams & Company can go over the tax implications of incorporation and offer business advice. It is important to understand how the incorporation process works, the unique tax laws for the state in which you are incorporating and how to best keep yourself protected.

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Retirement Plan Selection Advisors

When it comes to choosing a retirement plan, there are many factors to consider. Our CPAs can help you select the right plan. We always have our clients' best interests in mind, and we are dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals. We want you to be comfortable and confident in your investments and how your money is managed. Schedule a meeting with one of our accounting professionals so that we can begin to analyze the opportunities and risks that you are facing as well as discuss your personal needs.

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Compile and/or Review Financial Statements

Compilation (“no assurance”) services are the most basic kind of financial statements that John D. Adams & Company and other CPAs provide. Clients seek compiled financial statements when a higher level of assurance is not needed. Compiling financial statements is based on understanding the client’s business and accounting knowledge.

Reviewed or “limited assurance” financial statements are more involved than compilations, but less involved than audits. While audits need verification from third parties, reviews operate under the agreement that the client is not aware of any material modifications.

John D. Adams & Company is aware of the compilation and review standards set by the AICPA and is experienced in providing clients the appropriate service for their needs. If you are unaware of which service you need, please contact us.

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Computer Consulting and Software Installation

Are you looking for new accounting software for your business? Do you need support for your current software?

We can help you choose the accounting software that will be comprehensive, user friendly, and fitting for your particular business needs. Different products integrate into businesses differently, and it is our job to align your technology with your business plan.

Following are a few of the software selections we use and recommend:


John D. Adams is a Quickbooks ProAdvisor

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software for small businesses. If you want to utilize QuickBooks to keep your records straight, you may need assistance choosing the right version, installation or training on the accounting software.

John D. Adams & Company is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, our firm can provide ongoing support as well as make certain that you are properly using QuickBooks within your organization.

Contact us to optimize your QuickBooks experience.

CCH ProSystems fx

John D. Adams uses CCH ProSystems fx integrated tax and accounting software.

CCH Prosystems fx is used as a tax compliance and preparation solution. It is a high-performing software which strives to improve productivity and make taxes easier.

John D. Adams & Company utilizes ProSystems to manage all aspects of the tax document automation process to help you generate correct and timely returns.

Sage Master Builder

John D. Adams supports Sage Master Builder software for construction companies.

Master Builder is a business management and accounting system for the construction industry. It helps you take control of your entire business — accounting, estimating, scheduling, operations and service management — in one single, integrated software solution. Sage Master Builder is a construction-specific business management solution that provides you with the detailed job costing, payroll capabilities and reporting that off-the-shelf accounting software lacks. When the complexities of your construction, service or specialty contracting business have outgrown your current accounting software, improve your operations with Sage Master Builder.

John D. Adams & Company is experienced in supporting the Master Builder software for contractors and subcontractors. Our staff has knowledge of the features and comprehensive functions of Master Builder to help support accounting needs for your construction company.

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Management Consulting

Invite John D. Adams & Company to take a closer look at your organizational structure and design. We can help you establish efficient workflow and stabilize business processes. This service may be especially helpful if you are considering a merger or major business change. In fact, if you are expecting any change in your business, you should consider getting an accountant's perspective on the implications that change will have on your finances. Remember, when you work with us, confidentiality and integrity are top priority.

If you are interested in our firm consulting with you as a CEO and/or other senior level executives, please let us know.

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Tax Planning and Projections

Ask your accountant at John D. Adams & Company about the valuable tax planning strategies we offer to clients. Tax planning and consulting is an important service we provide and it is meant to keep clients informed and well-protected. We will analyze your situation, review tax projections and make sure you don’t pay more than obligated. In order for your business to grow, we advise you to consider professional tax planning.

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Monthly and Quarterly Interim Financial Statement Preparation

Preparing monthly or quarterly interim financial statements is an accounting service we provide at John D. Adams & Company. The detailed financial statements that we provide can give you the ongoing insight you are looking to gain. We can help you improve operations by capitalizing on strengths and opportunities and analyzing any weaknesses or threats reflected in the statements.

We will keep our eyes on changes throughout the year through Monthly or Quarterly Statements so that your company can strategically adjust expenses and revenue.

We also offer compiled and reviewed financial statements.

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Closely Held Business Advisor

In order to achieve the best possible financial results, we suggest that you undergo business advisory planning.

Our consultants will work with you to put together a comprehensive plan that will provide short term and long-term significance. As your trusted financial advisor, we want to help you with complex decisions that will affect how your business grows.

As your closely held business advisor, we can customize a plan that works for you, your schedule and your goals. Let us assist in increasing your net worth for the best possible value. Our planning and counseling services can help you with:

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If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable accounting firm to handle your wages and salaries, ask us about our efficient payroll solutions.

Businesses often find that payroll can be complicated. We can relieve that burden for you.

Our payroll services include:

Payroll Forms:

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Please contact us if you do not see the specific service that you need. We will be happy to help.